G-Chill A/C Refrigerant Enhancer

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Granitize G-CHILL is a revolutionary new product that reduces A/C air temperatures by up to 5 degrees or more - especially in older systems.  It also has a polymer coating that increases heat transfer, removes oil fouling and then protects internal compressor parts from wear. Installation is easy and takes less than 5 mins.

  • Improve air conditioning performance and efficiency (improves heat transfer)
  • Reduce interior A/C outlet temperature as much as 6 degrees F.
  • Reduce negative effects of "oil fouling"
  • Reduce compressor wear

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Available in 1.5 Oz. can or cases of 12.

Note: Requires a standard R-134 charging hose.  If you need one, we've got you covered! 

See below to add one to your order, or Click Here to get a charging connector.


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