75-140W Synthetic Gear Oil

75-140W Synthetic Gear Oil

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GRANITIZE Synthetic Limited Slip Gear Oil is a high performance gear lubricant specially blended for use in severe applications subject to extreme torque loads, heat and shear. Provides hot weather protection and extreme cold weather start up. Recommended for conventional and limited slip differentials, transmissions and transfer cases that require a GL-5 gear oil.

Special additives, antioxidants, and unique synthetic base stocks are blended to provide advanced protection against, wear, thermal breakdown, and oxidation. Granitize Synthetic Limited Slip Gear oil is suitable for all automotive applications that require a SAE 75W-140 GL5 gear oil that provides:

  • Sheer Stability
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Reduced Clutch Pack Chatter
  • Wear and Scuffing Protection
  • Excellent Low Temperature Performance
  • Limited Slip Formula

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